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Celebrities Lie: The Truth About The Trends

They make it look so easy. What if "it" didn't exist?


If you didn’t already know: Celebrities are great liars! This doesn’t make them bad people, but this does make them people we shouldn’t always trust when it comes to the “Best Fat Loss Gummies Around” or the common “I got a new trainer and so should you…” advice. Let’s discuss the harm that giving in to these lies have caused and may potentially cause for you!


It makes me sad and disappointed to see how many celebrities have hopped onto these body “trends.” It has the potential to reinforce the “skinny is superior” mindset in the individuals who admire them or in the individuals who don’t like them at all. When we stop giving in to these “trends” as a whole, the individuals who hold these mindsets will become the minority in the pool of opinions. We didn’t come out of the womb worrying about our size. We were socialized into believing that certain sizes are more physically appealing, and that socialization has created and fostered our “own” opinions about size. Socialization in this manner works in that we don’t truly understand why we believe and prefer the things we do… It’s simply “who we are.” It’s not though! Again, we did not pop out looking at a 2000’s VS model and saying, “I want to look like her.” Socialization is not always a bad thing! Socialization can create connection, tradition, beneficial norms for society, and systems of support; however, socialization can lead to opinions and preferences that wouldn’t exist had it not been for the society and individuals’ influences around us. 

Losing 30-40 pounds per month is not healthy, and it is detrimental to your body’s chemical composition. The healthiest way to lose weight varies from individual to individual, as all bodies are composed differently and respond to change in various ways. It is most commonly through a steady pace of increasing one’s energy output and decreasing one’s energy intake that one reaches a maintainable and healthy weight for their vessel. With this stated… It is almost humanly impossible to lose 30-40 pounds in a healthy, maintainable, and safe manner within 1 month. (Disclaimer: I want you [a reader] to keep in mind that this paragraph does not consider those who are being watched over by a medical professional. There are most definitely individuals who have lost this amount of weight in a healthy way within 1 month through the guidance and close monitoring of a doctor [i.e morbidly obese individuals, type 2 diabetes patients, etc.] I am referring to the individuals who have not been told by a doctor that they need to lose weight for their physical well-being.)

We have seen the effects of Ozempic on the celebrities who have truthfully spoken out on their taking of it… it works(?) However, the question isn’t if the drug (dedicated to people with diabetes and serious health issues) works or not; the question is why it is necessary for people without these health detriments to be taking a weight loss drug. Hey! It’s not! Celebrities have scarily abundant access to items that aren’t within close proximity to the general public (i.e. the bags that haven’t hit shelves yet, the most-expensive hairdressers around the world, the merch that they, themselves, created.) This includes Ozempic. 

Of course, celebrities will not admit to every privilege they hold. Let’s talk about the fact that we have watched celebrities go from a size 8 to a size 00 in a matter of one month through “hard work” and “willpower.” Nope! :) Nope! :) Nope! :) Hey! That didn’t happen! :) Can we blame them? Yes! :) However, we shouldn’t. They’re human just like us. Ozempic has been on the public rise since 2023, and we are being told that simply “being better” about our food will make us look “just like” the people we listen to through our headphones or cry over on Instagram. 

Ozempic is not the only secret “piece of advice” we have seen in the media. We’ve seen yo-yo dieting, cutting carbs, eating only oats, etc. I would love to make a post about the harmful effects and low chances of maintenance in following these fads; however, I want to focus only on the fact that these trends exist and influence individuals to take part in unhealthy patterns for the sake of appeasing themselves and their society. Let’s go back to what I wrote at the beginning of this paragraph: Socialization. We did not pop out wanting to be skinnier. We were told that being skinnier is being superior in some form, and conforming to what we believe is society's baseline for perfection will bring us happiness and privileges that fulfill us. Once again, society doesn’t have to be this way, and naturally, it is not. The individuals of society were socialized as well! 

I will never shame an individual for taking part in a fad diet, a weight-loss drug, or simply wanting to be skinny. I would be hypocritical if I were to state that I have never craved or taken part in any of those 3 actions ( I will, however, push for individuals to lead lives that are sustainable, fulfilling, and promising for themselves. Fad diets, weight-loss drugs that are not necessary for one’s health, and desiring to be skinny without an understanding of where that desire arises do not (in my experience) create those lives. 

I love you,


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